What are the advantages stirred automotive pump? Car stirred pumps have the following advantages: ① set stirring pumping concrete, transport three functions in one, can effectively improve the efficiency of construction; ② power equipment Yuchai 95kw diesel, fuel efficient, and fast pumping speed, the production of concrete 40m3 / h high efficiency; ③ high degree of automation, only one person to open the equipment, zft9 concrete vibrator for construction machinery personnel cloth pipe 2, feed directly on the line with a small loader. Aspect ratio can save at least half; ④ good mobility after a project is completed job can be quickly transferred to another project to continue to work, it could also be responsible for several projects mixing concrete pumping equipment utilization is high; Concrete pump pumping should pay attention to what issues?  Concrete pump in the current construction unit is quite common, it can greatly improve the transportation efficiency of concrete. But to ensure the smooth progress of construction, concrete pump during pumping will also pay attention to some problems. Folk mechanical Xiao Bian now introduce concrete pump concrete pumping should pay attention to what issues?     First hand feed: in the process of pumping concrete, steel bar thread cutting machine concrete pump hopper should set up a separate screen, and set up special surveillance feed, to avoid too large in diameter aggregate or foreign objects enter and cause blockage.     Second is to avoid pipe vibration: during pumping, usually concrete must not fall below the stock hopper agitator shaft position, this is mainly to avoid air from entering the pump tube caused by pipe vibration.     There is pumped interruption time: If pumping concrete interrupts are required, then the general interrupt time is not more than one hour, while anti pumps and positive pumps running every 5 - 10 minutes, in order to prevent the pipe due to concrete bleeding or collapse while plugging off of the loss is too great. Concrete pump lubrication system repair and maintenance  Concrete pump and general machinery and equipment, also need the necessary conservation and management, the following small series starting from a professional point of view, for everyone to share details about their lubrication system repair and maintenance Daquan. The first oil change 40 hours of work. Oil change cycle should be based on quality and the use of oil-in. If you work fewer hours a mini concrete vibrator with robin engine ey20 5hp year in the engine, at least once a year, but also to change the oil. Temperature below -10 ℃ environment, oil change intervals should be shortened by half.